Our History

Recovery Agents Devoted To Our Clients

Customers are the vital spark of business, providing the revenue that supports sustained success and growth. When customers fail to make full or partial payments on goods or services, it can adversely affect cash flow and hinder progress. Businesses that respond to unpaid charges with in-house receivable efforts often lose crucial time and profits because they lack one or more of the following: a well-trained staff, compliance, certification, collections technology and data security. To maximize resources, businesses would be best served by an experienced debt collector working at a best-in-class agency.

What do we do at Sunbiz?

With over 20 years of experience, Sunbiz has the knowledge to help your business recover outstanding debts.

At Sunbiz we work hard to deliver for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our skill is in finding a way through the problem, sorting it out and helping people get closure. In short, as difficult as things might seem, we get things done.

Our performance is largely based on our collections staff. Hence why we are the best-in-class collection agency wherein we first review the quality of the front-line debt collectors to make a proper evaluation.


To Establish a successful Service Provider-Client Relationship for the long haul.


Our vision at Sun Biz is to be the trade masters in collection services and to be the company of choice nationwide. To grow at an exponential rate and be the most valued by our customers, partners and employees.

We believe open and transparent client partnerships are the most effective. And we believe people fundamentally, on the whole, want to repay their debts and move on. That sometimes it’s not about the money. And that by understanding the problems first, we are more likely to solve them.

Your debt is your business. Resolving it is ours.